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skinny lanky robots getting sick of being assumed female

big bulky robots getting sick of being assumed male

robots getting sick of humans assigning a gender to them because of the frame they are built in

robots inventing their own genders

robots rejecting the concept of gender altogether 

nb robots 


"if you’re not a boy or a girl then what are you?" jacked as fuck and ready to fight


Black Widow #009


colorful gradient 3866


Mesmerizing cinemagraphs by Strasbourg, France-based freelancer Julien Douvier.



How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

I expected this to be a troll video about sacrificing your soul in exchange for art skills or something but this was actually very informative.


10425 Venice Boulevard - Los Angeles, May 18, 1997
by John Humble


My mystical moth by the wonderful Bryan Proteau at Old Crow Tattoos in Oakland, CA



your eggs went bad

And now, the weather.


Favourite Abigail scenes1x09, Port Haven Psychiatric Facility


There’s something particularly eerie about an abandoned shopping mall. Perhaps it’s the stark contrast from its intended purpose: to see such a sterile place once designed to entice throngs of shoppers into its doors, now so completely devoid of any human life, dilapidated and darkened with time. It’s basically the very definition of post-apocalyptic. But in the case of the (now ironically named) New World shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, abandonment by humans doesn’t equate with lifelessness. The mall, which reportedly caught fire in 1999 (rumored to be arson by a competitor), has since flooded with several feet of water and become a paradise for koi and catfish.

As seen in these photos from chef / travel writer Jesse Rockwell, the resulting “urban aquarium” is at once delightful and surreal. Rockwell writes on his travel, photography, and food blog A Taste of The Road that someone deliberately introduced the fish (to probably reduce mosquitoes) into the vacant mall, but that locals in Bangkok’s old town “discourage people from visiting it.” He says he had to wait for a policeman to leave before entering, which makes his resulting images all the more breathtaking. (via The Verge)



If you know me in real life, pretend you didn’t see this.

Otherwise, here are some draws of Bucky staring at things ^ ^

I quite literally made a strangled choking noise when I saw this.  I can’t describe how phenomenal your art it!  

*commence me staring at Bucky staring at things*  

✧₊(✪͡- ✪͡ )