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we  need to talk buddy„„„„„,ur  way too cute„„„„„,tone it down a bit„„„„„,im tryna sleep but ur cute ness is keeping me awake


most of the time it’s like yeah I love brand new but sometimes it’s just like fuck yeah I love brand new


1984 Toyota Cressida ▷


Badass, confident Inquisitors are great, but just consider:

  • Inquisitor’s who are scared, looking around in the fade as they feel panic seep into their veins as they wonder if this is what death is like.
  • Inquisitor’s that have to keep their hands covered,…


That otp that you ship every way like brotp, otqp, otp, friends with benefits, soulmates, star crossed lovers, best friends since birth, forbidden lovers, and you just know that you’re never gonna ship a ship like this ever again


BODY OF MYTH  |  HERMES, divine emissary and conductor of souls into the afterlife.

“Zeus warned Hermes that henceforth he must respect the rights of property and refrain from telling downright lies; but he could not help being amused.  ’You seem to be a very ingenious, eloquent, and persuasive godling,’ he said.”  [x]


Iron Bull more like

Iron Bara



Empress Alexandra of Russia

Quick fact: the tiara Alexandra wears in the top portrait is the Kochli Tiara, and in reality it possessed sapphires instead of rubies.


I hit a serious art block this week, so!   HTTYD AU sketches. 

How To Write A Poem ▷


1. Eat the raw heart of a horse. This will distinguish you from a cast of thousands.

2. Are you an urchin? If so, consider writing a novel instead.

3. Have carnal encounters with anyone but another poet. For obvious reasons, you do not want to set a plot line in motion. (See:…


The Sleep of Endymion on Flickr.
Anne-Louis Girodet,
Musée du Louvre, Paris


Gentlemen of the Bat 


hello 911 I want to report a theft. yes. A cutie stole my heart. No. I just want the cutie back.  They can keep my heart. Thank you. Yes. I’ll stay on the line. 

Since no axe, spear or blade could touch my son today, he will now be known as  Bjorn  I r o n s i d e